Cheerlebrity Rant:

Okay, so I normally just keep my opinion to myself about pretty much everything but lately I have been seeing so much crap about cheerlebrites that I feel like I should state my opinion.

First off, everyone is always saying you shouldn’t put down someone to pick someone up, like bases need recognition for a stunt not flyers… well the same thing goes for cheerlebrites. This past month I have seen so many post saying “just because your pretty doesn’t mean you should be a cheerlebrity” “She’s not even good, she’s a cheerlebrity because she’s pretty” “Her tumbling sucks, she’s only a cheerlebrity because she can fly” or “Her tumbling sucks, and her stunts fall, she’s only a cheerlebrity because she’s pretty” and than I see comments on post like “this girl deserves to be a cheerlebrity, she has talent, she’s not just pretty with abs.”… Do you not see that you are being rude, and bullying people by these kind of comments?

A cheerleader doesn’t just become a cheerlebrity because they are pretty and have abs AND a cheerlebrity doesn’t have to be someone who is an amazing level 5 cheerleader…. A cheerlebrity should be someone who you can look up to as a role model, so if you’re role model would be someone who has amazing tumbling, good stunts, a pretty face, or even just a sweet heart, than others shouldn’t be putting them down for things that they aren’t and stand around pointing out their flaws.

ALSO, I know a lot of people say that no one should be a cheerlebrity, that it should be a team recognition not just a person and that the team gets treated like crap compared to them, but this isn’t true AT ALL…. almost 90% of cheerlebrities come from gyms and teams that are adored by everyone… When the team goes out to compete on the floor everyone at the competition stops what they are doing to go cheer them on…. AT NCA day 1 they almost had to shut down the Arena because so many people where trying to fill into the arena. Most teams don’t get this kind of support from the public. Another thing is if someone on lets say Cheetahs wanted to be a cheerlebrity, than they could be… All the cheerlebrites from CA are “cheerlebrites” because they are social on things like twitter, instagram, tumblr, and youtube… They make it possible for others to contact them and they take time out of their days to show that they are thankful for their fans by responding back to them, skyping with them, sending them signed cards, and other things. They also get involved with things outside of their gym like modeling or doing clinics that put their names out their more than other members.

Last thing, Cheerlebrites receive hate daily for doing something that they love. They are criticized more often and harsher than the rest of their team. If their stunt falls than their name is thrown around on twitter and other places where they can go and look at all the harsh comments…. If another stunt on their team would have fallen w/o a cheerlebrity in the group than all that would have been said was “Oh they dropped” not “Oh they suck, and idk why they are a cheerlebrity, and they don’t deserve to be on a level 5 team”…. so along with all the glam and glory of being a cheerlebrity you also get the pleasure of opening up your twitter to hate mail because you made a small mistake, or you aren’t good enough for someone….

Pretty much what I am trying to get to is that you really shouldn’t judge someone who is a cheerlebrity and pick out their flaws for why they shouldn’t be one…. obviously if they are one than they deserve to be one because they have done something incredible to get noticed by others… not just because they have cute pictures… Think before you say something rude about a cheerlebrity, or another person, because even though you might think you are making someone else feel better, or stating a fact, you are hurting peoples feelings.

Sorry this was so long, and I’m sorry if you don’t agree, but this is just how I see it.

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